Pragmatic Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency and how is cryptocurrency different that other currencies?
How do I buy and trade cryptocurrency?

Moving cryptocurrency

Congratulations on buying some of your first cryptocurrency! Eventually you will want to move your cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, much like how you would move your money from a checking account to a savings account (or brokerage account) and back again. Generally the process is as follows:

  1. Retrieve the address of the wallet to deposit into. For example, I just bought BTC on Coinbase and I want to deposit it to Nexo where I can earn 5% APY on it. I would copy my Nexo deposit address for my BTC account.
  2. Enter the deposit address you wish to send to, from your wallet you are going to withdraw from. In Coinbase, I would enter my Nexo BTC wallet’s address in their withdrawal request form.
  3. Submit the withdrawal request and wait for the blockchain to confirm the new transaction.